Artificial Intelligence
for Business Development

The only business intelligence SaaS platform that deploys AI and machine learning to detect expanding companies.

  • Target high growth companies based on our exclusive machine learning algorithm
  • Target VC funded companies primed for growth
  • View qualified expansion projects
  • Enhance targeting with thousands of heatmaps across 900 industries and 24 economic indicators
  • Refine your list with world-wide geotargeting
  • Find actionable data for millions of companies

Unleash the Power of AI in your business development process.

How it Works

How Gazelle Works is all about adding value to the ocean of company and industry data through artificial intelligence, smart analytical frameworks and a lot of hard-earned industry know-how.

Developed by a team of seasoned economic development professionals, economists, physicists, mathematicians, data scientists and programmers, is the one-stop platform to increase your deal flow.

Why Growth Companies

Easy. Growth companies: 

  • Create the lion’s share of new jobs 
  • Invest more in R&D 
  • Need new/expanded facilities and infrastructure 
  • Spend more on products and contracted services 

See in Action

The Company Finder has powerful features designed to make your lead generation easier. Watch this video that highlights our powerful "company finder" feature.

Filter companies by NAICS code, keywords, clusters, VC funding, G-Score as well as world-wide locations, among many others! Features


Fill your Pipeline
with Ideal Prospects

Identify and prioritize your leads based on our proprietary AI-powered G-scoreTM indicating a company’s likelihood to expand.


Understand your
Target Industries

Get the full scoop on your addressable market with over 900 industry profiles and 18,000 heat maps covering 24 economic indicators.


Predict Cluster
Hot Spots

Our heat maps visualize company data on: establishments, salaries, sales, profits, employment, as well as 5-year growth values for all of these indicators.


Increase your

Gazelle’s AI identifies companies with confirmed expansion projects and equips you with the information you need to engage, nurture and win.

What Gazellers are Saying

"We were looking to update our company intelligence tools. Gazelle checked all the boxes for us in terms of being able to identify high-growth companies in our target sectors.”


Larry Holt
VP Business Development

Greater_Portland copy

"The team impressed me with their enthusiasm and attention to detail. The platform's approach makes so much sense.”


Marlena Bandurski
Market Research & BI

Greater des moines partnership

" is probably the most functional, precise tool I've found for lead development. Steve and the team are right on top of the latest in investment attraction.”


Bob Ball


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