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Some of Our Most Popular Features is the only business intelligence platform built with custom AI to identify growth companies. uncovers data you won't find anywhere else: supply chain data across 900 6-digit NAICS industries, global corporate family tree breakdowns, over 18,000 industry cluster heatmaps, and much more.
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detailed industry supply-chain

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confirmed expansion projects

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global establishments

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AI-powered heat-maps

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VC funded start-ups

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What is

Launched in 2017, is the fastest growing business intelligence platform for business and economic development professionals. Since launching we've been recognized with the following:

  • "Users Love Us" badge with a 4.7/5 average user review by G2
  • EY International Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (for our President Steven Jast)
  • Nomination as AI company of the year by the Digital Finance Institute
  • Recognition as one of Canada's fastest-growing startups with a 2-year revenue increase of 718%
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Some Love 🧡

“The platform offers an easy way of completing a supply chain inventory and analysis. It has enabled us to identify our supply chain gaps, so that we can quickly turn around and use that knowledge to target companies who can fill those gaps.”
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Natalie Littlefield
Vice President of Strategy

“I can't imagine doing our work without It is the only tool I can use to effectively reach out to different prospects around the globe, especially with closed borders and minimal travel.”

Testimonial-Lauren Lambiase

Lauren Lambiase
Economic Development Project Manager

" is a great tool for both business attraction and BR&E, along with identifying entrepreneurial companies that are growing. It provides a great deal of information on what's happening with those companies and is a must-have tool."


Tim J. Monger
Sr. VP, Incentives & Location Services

Some Benefits

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Focus your efforts
on companies that have confirmed planned expansion projects

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Perform cutting-edge research in-house
Target companies based on their growth patterns, international footprint and identify growth clusters and niche targets

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Turn around research requests in minutes
instead of hours by consolidating all your research in one platform

Pinpoint growing companies

Pinpoint growing companies
with our powerful AI that are most likely to expand and invest into your region

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Benchmark your region
in a few clicks and stay connected to the key economic drivers in your area

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Outbid your competitors
and get shortlisted more often by building well-crafted RFIs with the most up-to-date and accurate industry/regional information and insights